About TumiLovie

About TumiLovie

Tumilovie The Chef was created out of a passion for creating tasty meals for friends and family on special occasions, or just occasions, made special by friends and food! Tumilovie The Chef Caters prestige events from time to time, hosting entrepreneurs, socialites, and special people who have a palate for her tasty creations. Taking on the role of Influencer and Creative Chef on Social Media, Tumilovie has created a brand that stands for Love of Food and Quality glass/cookware that makes eyes and mouths water. “It is my desire to bring out the best in people, through my cooking creations”. The colours, aromas, and textures combine as she cooks up a storm in the kitchen, using her absolutely Beautiful Glassware pots and dishes. Her dishes are displayed with elegance and the flavors linger in the minds of her guests weeks after the event.


To build a brand that is known and loved in every household. To share a love of food and bring Tumilovie The Chef into every special occasion.


To create mouth-watering food creations that will be loved and replicated for years to come. To create special occasions celebrated with Tumilovie The Chef products and food creations. 

Interesting Fact

Tumi is a qualified Criminologist working for one of the South African security departments. Initially her career started in the South African National Defense Force in the South African Navy as a communication operator and she later transferred. She loves cooking tasty and beautiful looking food passion of food and that led to starting a registered business “Tumilovie the Chef”